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Bank of America Credit Cards – How to Apply

A Bank of America credit card can be applied for by an individual or company. There are more than 20 different cards with different benefits for you to choose the one that better applies to your needs.

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Types of Cards

  • Most Popular
Cash Rewards Travel Rewards Better Balance Rewaards
  • Cash Rewards
Cash Rewards Susan G Komen World Wildlife Fund
U.S. Pride MLB
  • Points Rewards
Bass Pro Shops
  • Travel Rewards
Travel Rewards Alaska Airlines AAA Credit Card
Royal Caribbean Virgin Atlantic Asiana Airlines
Celebrity Cruise Lines Norwegian Cruise Lines Spirit Airlines
  •  Low Interest Rates
Better Balance Rewards BankameriCard
  • Low or Re-Building Credit
Secured Credit Card Cash Rewards for Students Travel Rewards for Students
Standard Student Card

Read the terms and agreements before you choose your card. The charge of fees may apply.

How to Apply

After selecting the card you would like to apply for, You’ll be required to verify some personal/banking information. Complete the following steps in order to be reviewed;

Step 1 – Click the ‘Apply Now’ button on the page.

Apply Web Page

Step 2 – Enter personal information including;

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email
  • SSN
  • Birth Date
  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Country of Citizenship

Input Personal and Financial Information Web Page

Step 3 – Fill in with your employment and financial (income) information;

  • Employment Status – Employed, Homemaker, Retired, Self-Employed, Student, or Unemployed
  • Total Annual Income including Primary Source and Liquid Assets
  • Housing Status – Own, Rent, Other
  • Monthly Housing Payment

Employment Information

After filling in with the required information you’ll all set ! It may take a few days until you receive your approval. If you have any problem or doubt contact Bank of America Customer Service.

How to Login

Follow the steps in order to login to a credit card account with bank of america.

  • Login – Go to the Login Area and enter your User ID

Credit Card Login Page

  • Pay a Bill – If you wish to pay a bill it can be completed from one of the following ways;
    • By Mail – Credit Card Payments Bank of America PO BOX 15019 Wimington, DE 19850-5019
    • Express Mail – Bank of America – Attn. Payment Processing – 1000 Samoset Dr. Wilmington, DE 19884-2332
    • By Phone – 1.800.236.6497
    • At a Bank Branch
  • Stolen Card
    • Inside the USA – 1.800.732.9194
    • Outside the USA – 1.302.738.5719