Bank of America Routing Numbers & Wire Instructions

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To be able to make wire transfers into Bank of America account, the account holder must provide the bank’s branch routing number.

The routing number for the various branches for the Bank of America across the US is 026009593.


If you need to establish your Bank of America branch routing number, please consider the following check image to know where to locate your routing number.

The image will show you where to look in the bank’s check.

After reviewing the check image, please note the first nine digits at the bottom of the check form your branch’s routing number.



Wire transfer offers a swift way of receiving funds in your Bank of America account.

As Bank of America customer, you can receive both Domestic Wire Transfers and International wire transfers.

SWIFT Code is necessary for any international transfer to occur.

Transfer transaction starts after the sender gives your bank account information to the sending financial institution.

Bank of America allows you to perform wire transfers online or by visiting to your local branch.

Domestic Wire

Domestic wire transfers ensure your transactions are complete within 24 hours.

For this to happen, the sender will have to provide a financial institution with your bank account information to receive the funds.

Below is the required information:

  • Bank Name – Bank of America NA
  • Routing Number – 026009593
  • Address of Bank – New York, NY
  • Creditor’s Name – Your name as it appears on your statement
  • Creditor’s Account Number – Your full Bank of America account number

International Wire

International wires usually  arrive at the recipient bank in 2 business days if transferred by 5 p.m. ET. Bank of Americacustomers are able to receive international funds after providing their bank account information to the sending financial institution. Below is the required information:

  • Swift Code – BOFAUS3N
  • Routing Number – 026009593
  • Bank Name – Bank of America NA
  • City, State – New York, NY
  • Customer’s Name – Your name as it appears on your statement
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your full Bank of America account number

Wire Transfer Fees for Bank of America

International and Domestic Wire Transfer Fees differ for Bank of America. Here is the breakdown:

International Wire Transfers – fee varies from $15 to $30 for each incoming transaction and outgoing transaction.

Domestic Wire Transfers – fee varies from $0 to $15 for each incoming transaction and outgoing transaction.