Caisses Populaires Acadiennes Online Login

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Caisses Populaires Acadiennes (UNI) provide its customers a convenient way of accessing and managing their accounts, whenever they wish. With online banking, you are at liberty to perform your banking transactions at your convenient time, provided you are connected to the internet. To access the online banking service, users must have an account at the institution and enroll. The guide below will assist personal account holders access online banking service.


To access your online banking account at Caisses Populaires Acadiennes (UNI), you must provide your online banking credentials. To log in, follow steps shown below:

Step 1- To access Caisses Populaires Acadiennes (UNI) website, click

Step 2- In homepage, hover cursor over Customer Login link then click Account Log In button to access login page

Step 3- Please provide your Username, then click GO 

If your login credentials are correct, you will access your online banking acount.


If you have problems recalling your online banking password, please follow steps outlined below to reset it:

Step 1- In the login page, click Forgot your password? link

Step 2- Please provide your Username, then click Go 

The system will allow you proceed to reset your password after validating your Username.


Provided you have an account at Caisses Populaires Acadiennes (UNI), you can enroll for online banking through steps outlined below:

Step 1- In homepage, hover cursor over Customer Login link, then click Registration link to proceed

Step 2- Please enter your card number, then click Go 

After validating your card number, the system will allow you proceed and set up your online banking account.


With online banking service, customers at Caisses Populaires Acadiennes (UNI) can:

  • Check and manage accounts
  • Make e-transfers
  • Pay bills and add billing companies
  • Access available budget management tools
  • Register for and renew products and services online
  • Contact advisors through the AccèsD message box
  • Order cheques
  • Personalize profile and accounts
  • Receive electronic account statements and documents