Diners Club Credit Card Login

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Diners Club offers their card members many services online. Consumer, professional and corporate card users can now check their finances, track their credit card activity and verify your rewards from your online account. To learn how to enroll, login and renew your password, check this simple guide to every process.


Step 1– Open your preferred web browser and enter https://www.dinersclubus.com

Diners Club LOGIN

Step 2– In the Consumer section, click the button Log In.

Diners Club LOGIN 2

Step 3- In the pop out box, select according to the digits of your credit card.

Diners Club LOGIN 3

Step 4- Enter your user ID and password and enter Submit.

If your login credentials are correct, you will be directed to your online account dashboard.


To retrieve your User ID or password,start the process as you would to log in:

Diners Club PASSWORD

Step 1- In the Sign In box, select the link that reads Forgot your User ID? or Forgot my Password?

Diners Club PASSWORD 2

Step 2- Enter your User ID and email address to verify your account.

You will receive an email Diners Club with a link in order to reset your User ID or password. Follow the steps in that email to change your password and access your account.


To learn how to enroll, start as you would the log in process:

Diners Club ENROLL

Step 1- In the Sign In section, click the link under First-Time User.

Diners Club ENROLL 2
Diners Club ENROLL 3

Step 2- Enter your card number and click Submit.
Step 3- 
Enter requested information from website, including name as it appears on card, phone number, SSN, birth date and zip code.

Follow any additional steps required, including selecting user ID and password. You will receive an email confirmation of your online account.