Fairport Savings Bank Online Banking Login

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With online banking service, Fairport Savings Bank is always close to as your nearest computer. Although the bank’s banking hours are great for its operations, they’re not always convenient for its customers. So Fairport Savings Bank offers online banking service to provide you access to your bank accounts 24/7. The following guide will help personal account holders access online banking service by showing them how to login, recover forgotten login credentials and enroll.


Personal online banking users at Fairport Savings Bank can access their online banking accounts through the following steps:

Step 1- In your browser, click https://www.fairportsavingsbank.com/  to access the bank’s website

Step 2- Provide your SignOn ID, then click Login at the top right-hand corner

Step3- Please enter your password, then click Sign-On

After the online banking platform approves your online banking credentials, you will be able to access your online banking account.


If you have forgotten your online banking credentials, please follow the guide below to recover them.

Recover Forgotten Password

Step 1- Login using your Sign-On ID and when requested to provide your login credentials, click Forgot your Password? link

Step 2- Enter your Sign-On ID and Email address and click Continue

An auto-generated One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your email address and will be valid for 3 minutes. If you enter the OTP within that time, a new randomly generated password will be emailed. Login using that password, then reset it your preferred password.

Recover Forgotten Sign-On ID

If you can’t recall your Sign-On ID or Pass Code, send a feedback message stating such to the Support Desk. Ensure you include your name in the message. Support will contact you to verify your identity before presenting this information to you again.


Personal account holders at Fairport Savings Bank can follow steps outlined below to enroll:

Step 1- In homepage, click Login button

Step 2- Click Enroll Online to proceed

Step 3- Review the agreement, then click Agree 

Step 4- Please provide the requested personal information, then click Continue 

The system after validating your account details, it will allow you set up your login credentials.


With online banking, you can:

• View account balances and latest activity
• Transfer funds
• Pay your loan
• Pay bills using Checkfree®
• Set up account alerts
• Send, request and receive funds from family, friends or anyone