Security Service Federal Credit Union Headquarters Information

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Security Service Federal Credit Union or SSFCU is the eighth largest credit Union operating in the United States. This credit union is headquartered in San Antonio, TX.

The credit union now has over 730,000 members located in different parts of the world. However, its operations are limited to:

  • South Texas
  • El Paso
  • Small sections of Utah and Colorado

In Texas, the credit union has 38 banking locations. It has 14 more in Utah and 19 in Colorado which brings the total number of branches to 71. Additionally, shared branching allows members of the credit union to use more than 5000 locations all over the country.

The bank employs more than 1600 employees in its offices and also has a number of part-time employees.


The history of SSFCU started in 1956. The credit union started off with eight members and deposits totaling $25.

The credit union was founded with the idea of being a non-for-profit institution that would be owned by the members to meet their needs.

It was founded with the intention of serving U.S. Air Force Security Service Command members and their families. However, the eligibility for membership is a lot more inclusive nowadays.


The present headquarters of Security Service Federal Credit Union are located at 16211 La Cantera Parkway in San Antonio, TX.

The building at this address is a four-story commercial building that was constructed between January 2000 and May 2001. The building is estimated to have cost $5, 896, 000 and has 125,000 square feet of space inside.

The building is 52.20 feet high.


Security Service Federal Credit Union started working on a new headquarters back in 2015. The new headquarters will be located at 14880 Interstate 10 West.

The building, which will have 250,000 square feet of space, is being built on a 66-acre space and is expected to create 200 new jobs while retaining the current ones.

The budget for the building had been set at $120 million. The company will start off on a 27-acre site where they will put up:

  • An operations building
  • An amenities facility that will include food service
  • A gym
  • A meeting center with 500 seats
  • A parking structure

Once the credit union moves into the new site, space in the current headquarters will be leased out. However, the building might also be sold altogether instead.


There are many ways to become a member of SSFCU (more than 2600 ways in fact). These include:

  • Living, working, worshiping or attending school within specific parts of Texas, Utah and Colorado
  • Being a member of certain branches and units in the military
  • Being an employee of the DoD at certain military bases located within the areas served by the credit union
  • Being a family member of someone who’s already a member of the credit union
  • Being a volunteer working within specific regions of Texas, Utah and Colorado

You can also get in touch with credit union to find out if you qualify for membership.


16211 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256, USA

Security Service Federal Credit Union headquarters address