Service Credit Union Headquarters Information

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Service Credit Union is the biggest credit union that’s based in the state of New Hampshire. The credit union was established with the purpose of serving the civilian employees and military personnel who were stationed at the Pease Air Force Base.

By 2015, Summit Credit Union had more than 220,000 members and these were located in 40 countries around the world.

The company has also show strong financial health with assets of over $2.7 billion by the end of 2015. This made it the 61st largest credit union in the entire country. In the same year, members of the credit union received dividends totaling $15.3 million.

Service Credit Union has a total of 45 branches in and outside the U.S. These are located in:

  • New Hampshire – 29
  • Massachusetts – 1
  • North Dakota – 1
  • Germany – 14 (In various military installation set up by the United States)


Membership to this credit union is open to anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • Anyone who works or lives in the state of New Hampshire
  • Anyone who works or lives in the Falmouth area of Massachusetts i.e. Falmouth, Mashpee, Sandwich and Bourne
  • Anyone on active military duty
  • Veterans
  • Past and present employees of the Department of Defense
  • Family members of anyone who meets the above criteria


Service Credit Union was founded in 1957. In the beginning, it was known as Portsmouth Air Force Base Credit Union.

Although initially started to serve the people at Pease Air Force Base, the credit union expanded its reach to West Germany in 1968. The first branch of the credit union in the country was opened to serve the Americans who were stationed at Ramstein Air Base.

The Ramstein Air Base Branch was presented with the 2014 Air Force Distinguished Credit of the Year Award.


Like many financial institutions, Service Credit Union has an iconic headquarters. However, where others have sought to go higher, the headquarters building of this credit union is iconic in other ways.

The headquarters building is located in Portsmouth, NH and was only recently completed in 2012. The building provides 100,000 square feet of space.

The building was designed by GUND partnership and its location makes it hard to miss for anyone who’s headed towards downtown Portsmouth.

The building is four stories high and features a unique curved shape that makes it instantly unique. The headquarters building has features like:

  • Community rooms
  • Departmental and executive offices
  • Full-service call center etc.

The building has a central atrium that’s sky-lit, creating an amazing area where people can interact. There is a common space for the people working in the building at the ground level in addition to a gym and a cafeteria.

The community rooms can be used by not-for-profit organizations, the local government and other associations with a focus on the community.

The upper floors have the offices for the employees and executives, meeting rooms, a board room etc. The project has an LEED Gold certification.


3003 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA

Service Credit Union headquarters address