Signature Bank Online Banking Login

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Signature Bank’s Online Banking features robust functionality in a secure framework. To enjoy the convenience of online banking in Signature Bank, please enroll in online banking. The bank allows you to use your laptop as your personal Signature Bank branch. The following guide will help you log in, reset forgotten password and enroll in online banking.


Online banking account holders in Signature Bank are allowed to access their account online after providing their login credentials. Here are the login steps:

Step 1- Click here in order for you to access Signature Bank website

Step 2- In the homepage, please enter your Company ID and User ID in the shown fields, then click GO


You will be allowed to proceed and access your online banking account.


If you are unable to recall your online banking credentials, please consider getting in touch with Signature Bank’s customer care at 1.866.sigline to request for assistance.


Provided you are an account holder in Signature Bank, you are allowed to enrol in online banking. To be able to enrol in online banking, please get in touch with Signature Bank’s customer care to know how you can enrol or visit your local branch.


Signature Bank’s Online Banking allows its customers access these Services:

  • Multi-user management and entitlement controls, with the ability to set transaction limits and allow dual control.
  • Real-time transactions, balances, and internal account-to-account transfers (including one-to-many and many-to-one transfers).
  • Payment options including Bill Payment, ACH and wire transfers.
  • Six-Month transaction history and eighteen-month statement history reporting.
  • Customizable alerts (automatic e-mail and texts upon request).
  • Stop payments of a single item or a range of items.
  • A variety of reporting options delivered in multiple formats, including CSV, PDF, BAI2, Quicken, Quickbooks and MSMoney.