Citizens Bank Credit Card Login

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Citizens Bank offers a variety of financial services for their customers and also a variety of platforms to complete their transactions smoothly. One of the easiest ways to do so is by enrolling for an online account with Citizens Bank, where you can monitor your credit card’s transactions, make payments or set alerts. To learn how to enroll, login or renew your password, follow the steps provided in this guideline.


Step 1– Open your preferred web browser and enter


Step 2– In the main tabs of the page, select the last one which reads Login.Step 3- In the new page that opens, enter your User ID and Password and click Login & Acceptance.


If you have entered your login credentials correctly, you will be allowed to access your online Citizens Bank account.


If it so happens your credentials were incorrect, no worries! Follow these steps to renew your password:


Step 1- In the same Login page, you will see two links next to the User ID and Password fields. Depending on the information you which retrieve, click Forgot User ID? or Forgot Password?


Step 2- To verify your identity, enter your User ID, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your ATM/Debit Card Number and your ATM/Debit Card PIN Number. Click Next.

If your credentials are correct, follow the next two steps to complete password renewal, including selecting your new password and confirming the update.


To learn how to enroll, start as you would the other two processes:


Step 1- In the Log In page, click the link that reads Enroll Now in the help section next to the Login fields.


Step 2- Enter your Account Number, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, Your ATM/Debit Card Number and Pin. Click Next.Follow any additional steps required by Citizens Bank to complete your enrollment for online banking account, including the selection of your user ID and password, security questions, until you receive confirmation the process was completed.