Fifth Third Bank Headquarters Information

Fifth Third Bank is the main subsidiary of Fifth Third Bancorp; a holding company. It’s a regional bank that’s operating under an Ohio Charter.

Although the bank is relatively small, it has a history that goes back to 1858. This was when the Bank of the Ohio Valley was launched in Cincinnati. In 1863, the Third National Bank started and less than a decade later, it acquired the older bank. This acquisition would be the first of many to come later.


The bank’s unique name is one of the results of a merger between the Fifth National Bank and Third National Bank. Initially, the name had a hyphen between Fifth and Third but this was later dropped.

The bank’s name is also the subject of a legend. The merger between the two banks took place during the prohibition. Although Third National Bank was the bigger bank, it’s said that the name Fifth Third was preferred rather than Third Fifth as it could be thought that the name was a reference to three fifths of alcohol.


Fifth Third Bank is headquartered at the Fifth Third Center. This is a skyscraper that was built in downtown Cincinnati on Fountain Square; the city’s symbolic center.

Fifth Third Center has 30 stories and is the fifth-tallest building in the city at the moment at 423.23 feet. Construction of the building was finished in 1969.


Apart from Fifth Third Center, the bank can also be found in several other landmark buildings such as:

  • Fifth Third Center in Nashville: For eight years, this building on Church Street was the tallest building in Tennessee. It has 31 stories and stands at 490 feet tall. Construction was finished in 1986 and it has been Fifth Third Banks headquarters in Nashville.
  • 1000 Town Center: This tower in Detroit serves as an office center for Fifth Third Bank. It’s 395 feet tall and has 28 stories. It was completed in 1989.


Fifth Third Bank provides standard banking services such as:

  • Checking accounts
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Saving accounts etc.

One of the more unique products they offer is identity theft protection. This product comes with:

  • Daily credit monitoring
  • Insurance in case of identity theft
  • Tools to assist you to keep your credit score high etc.

Through the bank you can also get personal lines of credit and loans. You can also get a mortgage or an auto loan.

The bank also offers assistance for those who are looking to make investments. The bank can help you to locate an advisor if your need one. They can also help in conducting a broker check so you can know more about the person/people you’re working with.

Fifth Third Bank also provides services to small business ranging from loans to credit cards. Bigger companies can also benefit from the bank which provides services that are specific to certain areas of business. They can provide strategies for the capital market and help to manage risks in various fields.


38 Fountain Square Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45263