Logix Federal Credit Union Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

Routing Number – 322274187

Where to find on a check – 

How to Wire Funds – 

Domestic Wire Transfer

There is a $25 charge for each transfer made. A domestic wire transfer is defined as using only financial institutions within the U.S. banking system to send to Recipient or Beneficiary accounts held within the U.S. and their territories.

To place a wire transfer request, visit one of the branch locations, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST). If your request is received and verified by 12:00 noon (PST), the transfer is eligible for same-day transfer, provided all information is correct.

International Wire Transfer

Outgoing international transfers are discontinued. The Credit Union continues to offer outgoing domestic wire transfers and process incoming international wire transfers.

As an alternative to the discontinued service, Visit the following options:

  • Xoom.com
  • Usforex.com
  • Westernunion.com

If you have further questions, you can speak with a Logix representative, call 800-328-5328.

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