Xenith Bank

Xenith Bank understands you’re busy and convenience matters to you. Xenith Bank Online Banking solutions allow you access and manage your finances in real time, in your convenient time, from anywhere. The guide here will direct you on how to login, reset forgotten password and enroll for the online banking service.


If you are a legitimate online banking customer in Xenith Bank, please consider the guidelines here to login:

Step 1- In your browser click this link https://www.xenithbank.com/ to access Xenith Bank website

Step 2- In the bank’s homepage, click Client Login at the top right corner, then choose Online Banking

Step 3- Please enter your username, then click Sign on

Step 4- Click Continue with Security Code to proceed

Step 5- Choose how you want to receive the one-time security code, then click Continue

Enter the one-time security code to proceed to the password page. You will access your account after the bank approves your credentials


If you happen to forget your password as an Online Banking customer in Xenith Bank, you can reset it online. Consider the following steps to reset your forgotten password:

Step 1- Follow the first two steps in the login section above

Step 2- Click Reset your Password link

Step 3- Please enter your Username, SSN/TIN and Account number, the click Continue to verify your identity before resetting your password

If the bank approves your credentials, you will be able to reset your password


Xenith Bank customers can enroll for the Online Banking service online. Please consider the following steps to enroll:

Step 1- In the homepage, click Client Login at the top right corner, then choose First Time User

Step 2- To enroll, the bank will need to establish if you are its customer by providing the requested information to verify your identity. Please fill in your Tax ID (SSN or TIN) and account details then click Continue Enrollment

Once the bank establishes your identity, you will be able to continue and set up your online banking account


Xenith Bank’s Online Banking allows you:

  • Pay bills or transfer money
  • Set up account alerts
  • Access, save and print statements