Apple Bank Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

After reading our post  “How to Login” into your Apple Bank online banking account, you are now connected.

You can do many transactions online, transfer funds included. You’ll need a routing number in order to complete any funds transaction. It can be found n a check (image below):









Apple Bank Routing Number – 226070584

How to Wire Money

In order to wire money , the best way Apple Bank recommens you to do it is do it online or go to the nearest branch. Both ways you’ll need the following information:

Domestic Wire – Up to 24 Hours for Processing

  • Bank Name
  • Routing Number – 226070584
  • Address of Bank
  • Creditor’s Name and Address
  • Creditor’s Account Number

International Wire – Up to 7 Days for Processing

  • Swift Code – APPAUS33
  • Routing Number – 226070584
  • Customer’s Name and Address
  • Customer’s Account Number
  • Invoice Number