Central Bank Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

In order to complete any kind of money transaction you’ll be required to have a routing number, this is like the ID of the bank. Every bank has it own, a 9 digit number. For international transactions you’ll be also required to have a SWIFT code. Not all banks have one, contact your bank customer service in order to find the intermediary bank that can be used on those cases (if international wires are available).

Routing Number

  • 042100146 

Where to Find On a Check

It’s easy to find the routing number on the check. Its the first 9 digit number located on the bottom of the page (as shown below).

How to Wire Money

The best way Central Bank recommends you to transfer funds is to do it online or find the nearest branch. Both ways you’ll need the following information:


  • Receiver Name of the Bank
  • Receiver Routing/transit number
  • Receiver Bank’s Full address
  • Name, full address, and bank account number of wire recipient
  • Amount
  • Creditors Bank name (Central Bank)
  • Routing number: 042100146
  • Address