Commerce Bank Routing Numbers and Wiring Instructions

How to Find the Routing Number

If you are wishing to complete any kind of funds transaction you must know that you’ll be required to have your bank’s (and for outgoinf transfers) the recipent’s bank’s routing number.

It can be found on a check:










Commerce Bank Routing Number: 101000019

How to Wire Money

Commerce Bank does not offers the option of initiate a transfer online. You must go to the nearest branch with the following information:

  • Full Name (client and recipient)
  • Transfer Ammount
  • Account Number (client and recepient)
  • Address (client and recepient)
  • Recipient’s Bank Name
  • Recipient’s ABA Routing Number or SWIFT (if its an international operation)

The number of days to complete the transfer may vary according to the location that was sent to. Get in touch with the Customer Service for more details and answers.