Fifth Third Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer


Routing number is necessary when you want to receive and send wire transfers in your Fifth Third Bank account.

The list below illustrates the various routing numbers for Fifth Third Bank based on region.

Choose the routing number that correctly corresponds to the location you opened your bank account to initiate wire transfer.

  • 063109935 – FL-Central Florida
  • 063113057 – FL-North Florida
  • 067091719 – FL-South Florida
  • 063103915 – FL-Tampa, Florida
  • 263190812 – GA-Georgia
  • 071923909 – IL-Chicago
  • 074908594 – IN-Central Indiana
  • 086300041 – IN-Southern Indiana
  • 042101190 – KY-Central Kentucky
  • 042100230 – KY-Northern Kentucky
  • 083002342 – KY-Southwestern Kentucky
  • 072405455 – MI-Eastern Michigan
  • 072401404 – MI-Northern Michigan
  • 072400052 – MI-Western Michigan
  • 081019104 – MO-St. Louis, Missouri
  • 053100737 – NC-North Carolina
  • 042000314 – OH-Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 044002161 – OH-Columbus, Ohio
  • 041002711 – OH-Northeastern Ohio
  • 041200050 – OH-Northwestern Ohio
  • 042207735 – OH-Southern Ohio
  • 042202196 – OH-Western Ohio
  • 043018868 – PA-Western Pennsylvania
  • 064103833 – TN-Tennessee


One of the easiest ways of locating the routing number for the branch you opened your account in is looking it up on the check.

The image below show you where to find the routing number.

In the image, you will notice that the first nine digits at the bottom of the check form the routing number.


Wire transfers are the quickest means of transferring and receiving money in your Fifth Third Bank account.

Fifth Third Bank’s wire transfer services offer a secure payment solution and a reliable one for you to send or receive payments in 24 hours.

Through Fifth Third Bank, you can receive both international and domestic wire transfers.

The wire transfer transaction begins after the sending financial institution receives your bank and account details.

To receive international wire transfers, you will have to provide various details to the sending financial institution, among them, Fifth Third Bank’s SWIFT code.

Domestic Wire

Fifth Third Bank allows you receive domestic wire transfers into your account.

To receive such a transfer, please provide the following details to the sending financial institution to initiate the transfer process.

  • Bank Name – Fifth Third Bank
  • Routing Number – 042000314
  • Address of Bank – Cincinnati, OH
  • Beneficiary’sName – Your name as it appears in your account
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your Fifth Third Bank account number

International Wire

Wire transfers can be made to your Fifth Third Bank account.

Since Fifth Third Bank is a member to the SWIFT network, you can receive funds in other currencies not only in U.S. currency.

To initaite the transfer process, provide the following details to the sending financial institution.

  • Swift Code – FTBCUS3C
  • Routing Number – 042000314
  • Bank Name – Fifth Third Bank
  • City, State – Cincinnati, OH
  • Customer’s Name – Your name as it appears in your account
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your Fifth Third Bank account number

Wire Transfer Fees for Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank wire transfers fees change depending on whether they are domestic or international. Below is the fee breakdown:

International Wire Transfers – $15 for every incoming transaction and $50 for each outgoing transaction.

Domestic Wire Transfers – $15 for every incoming transaction and $30 for each outgoing  transaction.