First Midwest Bank Routing Number and Wire Transfers

Routing Number – 071901604

Swift Code – FMIDUS44

Where to find on a check – 

You can easily find the routing number. It is located in the middle of the bottom of a check i.e  9 digit number.

How to wire funds –

Wire Transfers service can be accessed via a telephone or personal computer. Unlike large dollar check transactions that might have delayed availability, the funds are available the same business day.

The following information is required to complete your request:

  • Your Name and Address
  • Your Account Number
  • Wire transfer dollar amount
  • Name of the person/company receiving the wire transfer
  • Receiving bank’s routing number
  • Name and address of the receiving bank
  • Beneficiary bank’s routing number
  • Name and address of the beneficiary bank
  • Branch name of the beneficiary bank
  • Beneficiary’s Name and Address
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number
  • Any Additional Information
  • Your Signature
  • Purpose of the Wire Transfer

*For further details  please contact Customer Care at 800-322-3623.

Fee Structure –

There are fees associated with wire transfers:

Domestic, incomings:                   $15.00 Domestic, outgoing:                     $30.00 Foreign, outgoing:                        $50.00