Swedbank Online Banking Login

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With Swedbank’s Online Banking services, it is very easy for customers to track finances, send money, pay bills and even oversee their savings. Online banking eliminates the need to visit the bank whenever you need to access your finances and make transactions. To enjoy the convenience of banking at your convenient time, you must enroll for online banking service and have access to the internet. To protect users from online fraud, Swedbank uses multiple security layers. Also, Swedbank is constantly developing its security solutions. As well, Swedbank lets online banking customers know how frauds work and means of protecting themselves.  The guide below will help personal account holders access online banking service.


If you already have online banking account, please follow the steps outlined below to provide your login credentials before you can access your online banking account:

Step 1- Click this link https://www.swedbank.se/ to access Swedbank website

Step 2- In homepage, click Other languages link to choose English

Step 3- Click In English link, then click Log In button to access the login page

Step 4- Please enter your Swedish personal identity number, then choose login method and click Continue 

If your credentials are correct, the system will allow you proceed and access your online banking account.


If you have problems recalling your online banking credentials or even accessing your online banking account, please feel free to contact customer service center at +46-771 22 11 22 for assistance.


For security reaons, Swedbank does not allow account holders to set up their online banking accounts online. Thus, personal account holder at Swedbank should visit a branch office to get help setting up online banking service. For more information, call customer service center at +46-771 22 11 22. 


Online banking service is useful when customers need to:

  • Check account balances and manage finances
  • Send money
  • Pay bills
  • Oversee account savings.