UCBI Auto Loan Rates and Calculator

At UCBI they allow an individual or business entity be able to figure out how much they will be able to afford for a new or used vehicle based on the financial variables such as monthly payment, down payment, trade-in value, loan term, interest rate (%), and to be able to view a payment schedule.

  • To apply for a vehicle loan the applicant will be required to visit a branch location

How to Compute

Auto Loan Calculator

Get Maximum Auto Price – Go to This Webpage and a person should fill-in the following blank fields with the following in order to see how much they may be able to afford for a vehicle;

  • Highest Monthly Payment that is Comfortable for the Borrower
  • Down Payment
  • Trade-in Value of Previous Vehicle
  • Loan Term (in months or years)
  • Interest Rate (As a percentage (%))

Click the ‘Compute’ button on the bottom of the page in order to get your maximum suggested purchase price.

Find Loan Rate Calculator

Find Loan Rate – Go to This Webpage and fill-in the following;

  • Purchase Price
  • Down Payment
  • Payment Amount per Month
  • Loan Term

Click on the ‘compute’ button and the loan rate will be shown highlighted in blue as a percentage (%).

Find Loan Payments – Go to This Webpage and fill-in the following;

How Much Will the Loan Payments Be?

  • Purchase Amount
  • Down Payment
  • Loan Term (months/years)
  • Interest Rate

Click on the ‘compute’ button and you will be able to view how much each of the monthly amounts will be during the course of the loan period.