YNB Bank Online Banking

YNB Bank Online Banking allows you 24/7 free access to your accounts to check account balances, make transfers, or even see account history information. The service is only accessible to those who have valid login credentials. Please consider the following guide if you are YNB Bank customer who wants to login, recover forgotten login credentials and enroll for the online banking service.


YNB Bank Online Banking customers can access their accounts by following this login guideline:

Step 1- Click http://www.ynbok.com/ in your browser to access YNB Bank website

Step 2- In the bank’s homepage, click Online Banking Access you Account Now! link

Step 3- Please enter your Sign-on ID then click Enter

Step 4- In the opened page, enter your password, then click Sign-On

Upon verifying your credentials, the bank will give you access to your accounts


If  a valid Online Banking client in YNB Bank forgets his/her login credentials, the bank provides a way of recovering forgotten credentials, online. Please follow this guide to recover your login credentials:

Recover Sign-On ID

To recover your Sign-On ID, you must send a feedback message to the Support Desk indicating the fact that you have forgotten your Sign-On ID

Step 1- Please follow the first two steps in the login section above

Step 2- Please click Forgot your Sign-On ID? link next to the Sign-On ID field

Step 3- Click the feedback link shown below to send feedback message to the Support Desk

Step 4- Please fill in the feedback form indicating that you have forgotten your Sign-On ID

You will be contacted to verify your identity. After verification, your Sign-On ID will be presented to you again.

Resetting Password

Step 1- After submitting your Sign-On ID, please click Forgot your Password? link to reset password

Step 2- Please enter your Sign-On ID and Email address and click Continue

You will receive your auto-generated One Time Password (OTP) in the email address you registered and the OTP is valid for 3 minute(s). After entering the valid OTP within the stipulated time, the bank will send in you email a new randomly created password.


To enroll for the online banking service in YNB Bank, please consider the following steps:

Step 1- Please follow the first two steps in the login section

Step 2- Click the Enroll Online link to enroll

Step 3- Click the “Enroll a Person” button

Step 4- Please review the Access Agreement then click Agree to proceed

Step 5- Please fill in the requested personal information in the form that appears, then click Continue

Upon validating your information, the bank will allow to proceed and set up your account


YNB Bank’s Online Banking allows you:

  • View account balances and see transaction history
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Pay bills to any institution, merchant, or individual