AnchorBank Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

In order to conduct a wire or transfer money domestically or internationally the sender will be required to have an AnchorBank routing number. A swift code is necessary for international transfers. AnchorBank is not directly connected to the SWIFT network and has to use an intermediary bank.

Routing Number

  • 275971087

Where to Find On Check

How to Wire Funds

AnchorBank offers fast and affordable wire transfer services to customers. Click here for instructions on incoming wire transfers. Follow this link to learn more about outgoing wire transfers. You can also contact a cash management specialist at 1-800-25(252-6246), ext. 4104 or 1-608-259-4104 or visit a branch near you. The information below is required for wire transfers:

Domestic Transfers


  • AnchorBank Bank address
  • AnchorBank account number
  • AnchorBank ABA routing number
  • Recipients name and address


  • Name and account number of the recipient
  • Name and address of beneficiary’s bank
  • Routing number for receiving bank

International Transfers


  • Beneficiary name and account number
  • AnchorBank address
  • AnchorBank Routing number
  • AnchorBank Swift Code (Call customer service for more information)
  • Recipients name and address


  • Name of beneficiary
  • Beneficiary’s account number
  • Receiving bank’s name and address
  • Swift Code of receiving bank
  • Recipients name and address