Fidelity Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer


In the Unites States, Fidelity Bank routing numbers help identify the financial institution when making fund transfers.

Fidelity Bank routing number is 061102400.

Below are the other routing numbers associated with Fidelity Bank

  • 111924787 – Wichita Falls, TX
  • 265070532 – New Orleans, LA
  • 301171353 – Wichita, KS
  • 073920900 – Huxley, IA
  • 061102400 – Atlanta, GA


You can always find your Fidelity Bank routing number on your check.

The following check image shows you where to locate it.


Using Fidelity Bank routing number, making and receiving wire transfers is fast, easy and secure.

To receive domestic wire transfers, a routing number is necessary while receiving or sending International wires requires a swift code if any of the wire transfer is to be successful.

Fidelity Bank hasn’t subscribed to the swift network, thus any international sender requires a correspondent in the US to the funds before they can be send domestically to Fidelity Bank.

Domestic Wire

To eliminate any delays when processing a domestic wire transfer into your Fidelity Bank account, please provide all necessary details shown below to the sender.

  • Bank Name – Fidelity Bank
  • Routing Number – 061102400
  • Address of Bank – Atlanta, GA
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name as it appears in your statement
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your full Fidelity Bank account number

International Wire

Fidelity Bank ensures customers can receive international wire transfers into their accounts if give the sender’s international financial institution the following necessary details.

The following sender’s correspondent bank details are necessary.

  • Wire To –
  • Swift Code –
  • Address –

Include the following details and submit to the sender.

  • Beneficiary Bank – Fidelity Bank
  • Routing Number – 061102400
  • Address of Bank – Atlanta, GA
  • Customer’s Name – Your name as it appears in your statement
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your full Fidelity Bank account number

Wire Transfer Fees for Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank charges account holders for each incoming and outgoing wire transaction.

To know the current wire transfer fees, consult the bank customer care at 1-800-658-1637 for the comprehensive fee breakdown.