Virginia Bank and Trust Online Bank

Virginia Bank and Trust is a trusted bank operating in Virginia since 1945. They provide online banking access to check your account and monitor any movements. You can also transfer money, pay bills and access your savings account through the online system on their website.


Step 1 – Get to the bank homepage in a new window by clicking here. Then, click the “Personal Online Banking” link under the “Get Connected!” title on the top of the page:

Step 2 – Now you should be in the “Login to Online Banking” page, here you need to type your Login ID in the field and click the “Validate >>” button:

Step 3 – Click the “Continue with Security Code” button:

Step 4 – Select which phone number you want to the bank’s system to try and reach you and whether you want to get an SMS message from them or a call, then click the “Continue” button:

You shall now receive an automated call to verify your account or SMS message (according to what you chose in step 4).


Virginia Bank and Trust’s online banking system doesn’t have any automated online means to recover any of your details, in order to get your account information you will have to talk directly with the bank and ask them for your Login information.


Step 1 – Get to the homepage of the bank and click the “Personal Online Banking” link on the right-top corner:

Step 2 – Click the “Sign up for Online Banking” link:

Step 3 – Fill all of the fields on the “Enrollment Form” page and click the “Proceed” button:

If you’ve done everything correctly, you have created your online banking account with Virginia Bank & Trust, Congratulations!

*Note: Access to the online banking account is not immediate. The bank needs about 2-3 business days in order to approve your application.

Here’s the full notice from the bank’s website: