Vista Bank Online Bank

Vista Bank constantly strives to bring you the best in banking technologies. The bank upgraded its online banking platform. The new platform features bring more convenience and simplicity to managing your finances. Also, the new platform works seamlessly with the smart mobile app, which allows for a better user experience across all the devices. Thus, regardless of whether you’re checking your balance on the smartphone mobile app or even when transferring funds using your laptop, the experience is seamless. The guide below will outline how you can log in and enrol for the Online Banking service.


To access your online banking account at Vista Bank, please follow the steps below to provide your online banking credentials:

Step 1- To access Vista Bank’s website, click this link

Step 2- In the homepage, enter your Username and Password then click Sign in 

Once the system approves your login credentials, you will be able to access your online banking account.


If you happen to forget your online banking cresentials, please consider the guide below to reset/recover them, online:

Reset Password

Step 1- In the homepage, click Forgot Password link

Step 2- Choose Forgot or Reset Password, then click Submit 

Step 3- To verify your identity, provide the requested details, then click Verify

The system will allow you reset your password after validating your identity.

Recover Username

 Step 1-  In the homepage, click Forgot Password link

Step 2- Choose Forgot Username, then click Submit 

Step 3- To verify your identity, provide the requested details, then click Verify

You will recover your username after the system validates your identity.


This is only possible if you have an account in Vista Bank and you want to enrol for online banking. Consider the following steps to enrol for the online service:

Step 1- In the homepage, click New User link

Step 2- Review Vista Bank Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions, then click Accept 

Step 3- Provide the requested details for verification, then click Verify 

The bank will verify the information you provided before allowing you to proceed and finish the enrollment process.


Vista Bank’s Online Banking service allows you to:

  • Track account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer money
  • Make loan payments
  • See check images and statements
  • Pay bills online