Sunnet Auto Loan Rates and Calculator

Sunnet offers its clients a free service of calculator to help you to find the most affordable loan to buy a vehicle.

Car Loan Calculator

Auto Loan Calculator – (Go to the site)



The car loan calculator is the same seen in the image on the left side.

With this calculator you`ll find out the best loan amount for you by inserting the required information as :

(Following the model – Calculating by monthly payment)

  • * Total purchase price (before tax)
  • * Term in months
  • * Interest rate
  • * Cash down
  • * Trade allowance
  • * Amount owed
  • * Fees (taxable and non- taxable)
  • * Sales tax rate

After filling in with the required information above you click on “Calculate” and see the results. You can also calculate it by Purchase Price. A report is available with graphs for you to analyze it.





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