SunTrust Bank Online Banking Login

How to Log in

In order to login into your SunTrust Bank online banking account all you have to do is go to their webpage (image below).


Once you’re there, find the login area that is inside the red square in the picture. Select “Online Banking” , type your user ID and password.

After that you’ll be able to use all the online banking features.

If you still don’t have an online banking account, don’t worry. It’s really easy to enroll.






How to Enroll

Right below login area you’ll find “Need Help”. Click on “Sign up now”. You’ll be redirected to a new page with all the information about the online banking features and requirements to apply.

You can enroll using :

  • SunTrusr account number
  • SunTrust ATM or check card
  • SunTrusr credit card

Choose one of the options and click on “Begin Enrollment”. In order to complete the process you’ll need further information as:

  • Social security number
  • Account type
  • Number of account
  • ZIP code
  • Check card number and pin
  • Credit card number and security code

After fill in with the required information you’ll create a new user ID and password. Read and check the terms and conditions and after you agree with them your online banking account will be ready to use.


You can also do it in person by finding the nearest branch.

If you still have doubts contact SunTrust team : 1(800)7868787