UMB Bank Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

Where to Find Routing Number

If you are an UMB client you must know that for each bank transaction you’ll be required to have an routing number.

It can be easily found on a check:






UMB Routing Number: 101000695


How to Wire Money

The best way UMB recommends you to initiate a wire transfer is to do it over the phone (1-888-44WIRES), or got o the nearest UMB branch location.

To do it over the telephone:

  • Call 1(888)-44WIRES

-You’ll be required to give some personal/ banking information as:

  • Ful Name
  • Telephone
  • UMB Bank PIN
  • Account number to be used in the transaction
  • Amount
  • Beneficiary bank’s ABA routing number
  • Beneficiary’s  personal info as full name, account number, and address
  • UMB Branch Information

For a domestic wire transfer via ‘Web Exchange’ you’ll be required to have a business/ commercial account.